Saturday, April 9, 2011


So I've got a bunch of these things I do. They're not sensible and they're not efficient, and yet I do the exact same thing every time I'm presented with the given situation. I guess I want to know if other people have the same tendencies.

1. Whenever something breaks, I get some tacky glue. I apply some tacky glue. I connect the two parts with the tacky glue. I spend about thirty seconds applying pressure, and then I put it down. I stare at it for thirty more seconds. I pick up the object, and, even though I'm damn well positive the glue is not dry, I decide to make sure. I twist the broken part to see if the glue has taken hold. It hasn't. It breaks again. I glue it again. I repeat the process until I decide that the object is not worth fixing anyway.

2. I turn on the TV. The default channel is something stupid, and I don't want to be watching it. I desperately start looking for something else to watch, and when I find something, I change the channel. I immediately feel an empty spot inside of me, as though I'm missing something that's happening on the channel I just switched from.

3. It's August, about ninety seven degrees in my house, and it's too hot to breathe. I'd kill to be able to shed my skin, because that's how goddamn hot it is. Blanket is necessary for sleeping.

4. Earliest class at ten. I never have any intention of getting up any earlier than nine fifteen. I feel the need to set an alarm to go off an hour and a half prior.

5. When I'm waiting for a program to load, I feel the need to click and drag on my desktop so my mouse makes box shapes, even though I know it's making the computer load slower.

6. Whenever I can't sleep, I look at the clock and try to calculate exactly how much sleep I'll get if I fall asleep exactly at that second. The math takes me about two minutes, and then I find that I'm dissatisfied with the answer, and then I get worked up, and then I'm not tired anymore.

7. It's 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon, and I have a shitton of homework to do. Except I'm on Stumbleupon, so I decide I'll start my homework at 3:00. Next time I look at the clock, it's 3:02. Since I missed 3:00, the most efficient thing to do is to change the deadline to 3:30, because I can't start unless it's at the time I said it was going to be.

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