Sunday, April 10, 2011


  • Laughing fits that make your stomach hurt like a bitch.
  • Exceptionally generic college activities (i.e. getting a grill, putting it in the middle of the quad, and sitting around it with lawn chairs, a guitar, and disproportionate levels of cheap fruit punch and vodka). 
  • Digressing to really pointless conversational topics that ignore the weight of reality, make me feel like a fucking moron when I laugh alone in public, and ultimately remind me of the way we were before you got sick. 
  •  The realization that you've been somewhere for nine months and you've already met six people that mean everything to you. 
  • Falling into a routine again.
  • Coffee and shitty wifi radio and daily verbal abuse. 
  • Having parents and a brother who continually save your ass. And text you to say they miss you. 
  • When people's habits start to rub off on you, and yours on them, so much so that they know when you're going to say something vulgar before you even think of it. 
  • The realization that, even though you've felt like you've been static for the past year, you've actually made a lot of progress.
  • Having things and changes to look forward to.
  • Coming to terms with the fact that you practically have two separate lives and you'll never be able to combine them, but it's probably better off that way. 
  • Stumbleupon. Crafttime. The Beatles. 
  • Improvement with empathy and controlling your mood at any given moment. 
  • People who like doing nothing just as much as you do. 
  • Writing on your arm in sharpie and waking up with it smooshed (backwards) onto your face. 

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